occupation – occupation

2009, 32″ x 33″ x 2″ oil on wood, (click on image for enlargement)

3 Responses to “occupation – occupation”

  1. rememembereringgiap Says:

    really really touched by this series , jack they are something – i will send a poem for you to reflect


  2. am Says:

    Thanks, and would be most grateful for a poem. Also am much appreciative for the connection to Colin McCahon. As amazing as it is he is not well known here in the states. I think he has done for the word what the abstract expressionists did for the gesture – and this is something that has become indispensable to the ongoing evolution of my work. Which has been going on furiously lately, with little time left for writing up here or at the moon. I hope your health has been improving in harmony with the transit to the spring time weather – best wishes.

  3. rememembereringgiap Says:

    yes, yes i witness that in these works – really something both both brutal & tender – something which sadly the word on the page is not often capable of doing

    i’d like to send you a long poem but i’ve lost yr email – its a long text – the tears of nicos poulantzes

    & yes it is absolutely true about what mccahon did for the word – tho you can see the fraternity with guston & twombly & i’d hazard a guess but i don’t know but looking at his landscape work i think he was deeply touched by arsehile gorky

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