super fly (paper) strategy

forgiveness not, 2007, 11″ x 18″, oil and enamel on wood

Like the previous statement from (the previously anonoymus) Major Mathew Alexander, I’ll again post his latest statement in full, and highlight something additional that we didn’t know before:

If We’re Going to Reveal More Memos. . . .

by: MajorMatthew

Fri May 15, 2009 at 15:06:22 PM EDT

( – promoted by Brandon Friedman)

Former VP Dick Cheney has requested the release of additional memos showing that torture and abuse saved American lives by preventing terrorist attacks. If the Obama Administration decides to release these memos, then I suggest they also release statistics from Iraq showing the number of foreign fighters that were recruited because of our policy of torture and abuse. It was tracked. I know because I saw the slides and because I heard captured foreign fighters state this day in and day out. The government can also release the statistics that show that 90% of suicide bombers in Iraq were these same foreign fighters. These foreign fighters killed hundreds, if not thousands, of American soldiers. After these revelations, Americans can judge whether or not a policy of torture and abuse kept us safe. Unfortunately, we’ll never be able to evaluate the damage that was done to past or future interrogations. As I experienced firsthand, detainees were less likely to cooperate when they viewed us as hypocrites. We can’t establish the trust that is required to convince a detainee to cooperate unless we live up to the principles that we preach.

I had one detainee in Iraq, a previous Al Qaida fighter, who provided me with all the information he knew willingly without me having to run an interrogation approach. He told me that Al Qaida had accused him of being a mole and tortured him before we rescued him. He then proceeded to say that the reason he was going to cooperate was because we didn’t torture him and because of that, he knew everything that he’d been told about us by Al Qaida was wrong.

Before 9/11, the protection of American soldiers from terrorist attacks was a priority for our country. Consider our responses to the Beirut Bombing, Khobar Towers, and the USS Cole. When we talk about keeping Americans safe

from terrorist attacks, we need to include all Americans, especially those that serve in uniform.

I’m pretty sure that this is the first we’ve heard about this – that the U.S. military has been tracking the number of foreign fighters that were recruited because of our policy of torture and abuse. Having these statistics released would go a long way in settling this notion “that torture works”, and “torture saves lives” currently being promoted by Dick Cheney. Whats more, seeing that these statistics were gathered post Abu Ghraib, during the Majors service there, it would follow that the statistic gathering continues to tract the period since interrogation reforms were put into place. Could it be that when the overt policy of torture was reversed, we might also see a similar decrease in foreign fighters being motivated by torture? And could this period also correspond to the loss of fortune and roll back, of the post 2006 al-Qaed in Iraq, that is usually seen to be the exclusive result of the so called “surge”. It would be a supreme and tragic irony should the tracking of these statistics actually show that the main attraction to Iraq for foreign fighters was dreamed up by some Super Fly wanna be fly paper strategizing nit wit in DC, that in the end killed more Iraqis and Americans than the terrorists, during the same time period.

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