pelosi fesses up

Associated Press reports today, quoting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

At one point, Pelosi charged that the CIA “misleads us all the time.”

Republicans have been successful at getting the media to change the focus to Pelosi on the contentious torture debate, and many top Democrats have called it a “distraction.” There’s also been a lot of grumbling about the CIA report about Congressional notification, which wasn’t as definitive as it was originally presented.

Pelosi said she learned second-hand that waterboarding was being used. She was told that someone else was briefed that waterboarding was being used months after the briefing where she was told that it was not being used.

“The CIA was misleading the Congress,” Pelosi charged.

Big surprise, what Pelosi is admitting is that the government are little more than what I’ve been calling – gophers. Wonder when she’ll get around to admitting that the military is misleading the Congress, or that Wall St. is misleading the Congress.

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