dicks armey

Thought I’d post this short quote from Republican Dick Armey, the former house majority leader. Flying around on the web is his appearance on Hardball tonight when he told Joan Welsh “she could never be his wife” – but thats not what struck me as nearly important as this statement:

” The fact of the matter is there are income re-distributionists that think they are going to curry favor with voting blocs in both parties and it’s wrong policy whether it comes from Republicans or Democrats and it makes no sense. Armey’s Axiom- don’t let politics define your economics. Don’t let politics define anything. Politics is silly. Its inane and practitioners of politics are people to take what amusement you can from them but don’t take them seriously.”

Which pretty much encapsulates (from the horses mouth itself, so to speak) the idea of just how weak political power in this country really is, in relation to the other economic, military, or ideological networks of  power. In Armey’s view political power is apparently so weak so as to be considered some kind of side show freak amusement, or a kind of Days of Our Lives media attraction. Setting aside for a moment Armey’s own place in the political arcade charade, what he speaks is actually a rarefied  moment of candor and truth on how political power ranks in the hierarchy of American power. What he’s really saying is that  role of  political power in America is one of creating not to be taken serious amusement for the masses, in so much as that entertainment provides deference and cover for the serious work of elite economic/military/industrial complex, for which politics should play only a subservient (if not a slapstick) role in. This helps to explain why a trillion dollar bailout for Wall St. remains shrouded in secrecy, while the transparent  trillion dollar bailout for Main St. is met with the horror of big government spending – because rather than trying to ditch the disabled passenger plane safely in the river, the Dick Armey’s of the world would have rather strapped on a (golden) parachute, ran for the exits, and floated down onto Wall St. in a hero’s ticker tape landing.

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  1. Katie Malie Says:

    I thought this was quite powerful. Thank You So Much Ann. Lets Share Our Politics.

    _”Women For Obama”
    Katie Malie

    PS. Thank You Again Ann.

  2. Jojo Says:

    I liked it.

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