the wave

the wave, 2010, 11″ x 17″ x 2″.  oil on wood plank

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  1. Uncle $cam Says:

    Your art, is a painful happiness, anna. Are you still posting @ moon? I just tried to post the following and got a error that said, : Not a HASH reference :

    Wapo, NYT’s LA times, what’s new? We cracked this melon open a long time ago, Killing Journalists, only, it’s more sophisticated, today, Think Michael Hastings Car Hacking: Your Computer-Controlled Vehicle Could Be Manipulated Remotely Rememeber, It’s not mere propaganda anymore, it’s prop-agenda, and it sure in hell isn’t mistranslated, to say it’s mistranslated is to say it was a mistake.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait for our white Knights, to tell us our truth….

    Any way you could get this to b?

  2. jack Says:

    hey uncle

    ……. nice to hear from you. still reading the moon (of course), but not posting much anywhere – not even here. all so painfully droll like a treadmill. say hi to that lizard fella for me. still in some touch with r’giap, especially the wife, who exchanges on facebook (me no account) with him regularly.

    cheers, jack

  3. remembererringgiap Says:

    again, strong work jack, think of you both often

  4. remembererringgiap Says:

    & i come here to look jack – i feel a strong lien with what you do, i read moon too for b & bevin, almost exclusively, the anti semites get my goat,

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