flower of conceit

Can there be any doubt, that Israel – the country – has devolved in recent years? The central evidence of this is found in the decision making process their government has chosen to follow, especially with regards to its recent dealing with its neighbors in occupied Palestine and Lebanon. The general drift of these decisions should be familiar to Americans, as they recall the infamous Vietnam era justification that we must “destroy the village in order to save it”, and have been used extensively by the Bush administration in its own wars of occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel though, has transcended even the Bush administration’s vicious circle indulgences and have pushed the tautological envelope to the point of absolute absurdity, in having not bothered itself with any liberal pretexts of “freeing people, or bringing democracy and modernity to the Middle East”. Israel, instead wants “to degrade, rollback, punish, and teach a lesson” to its democratically elected nemesis. And like any delusional wife beater, also, “doesn’t want to destroy it completely”. Because, there is no other way to describe such behavior, randomly killing some 1500 mostly innocent people as a collective punishment – this behavior simply put, is nothing other than a prime example of addictive behavior, on the part of a nation state. And the hallmark of addictive behavior, augmenting it’s self indulgence obsession with conceit, is it’s ability to to disengage and substitute (away) the “means” from the “object”, or the reason for its activity – in such a way that the “means” come to replace the “object”. In this way the wife beater is not so much interested in the ends (or solution) to his activity (changing his wifes behavior) – but the act of demonstrating his superiority as such, which then becomes the ends (of the activity) in itself. The process then of course, generates greater alienation, which creates more resistance, which then summons up greater entrenchment and more violence as a response. Thus, the “vicious circle”.

Israel, by this analogy is not at war with Hamas, it is at war with itself in a self destructive spiral of de-legitimation, that should even give Dick Cheney nightmares. Perhaps thats even why he allowed them do it, in some perverse gesture sketching out the further limits of allowable evil, in an even more audacious vicious circle.

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