vote of confidence

Last week the congress of the United States dredged up the time and where with all, from their hectic schedule of doling out billions of taxpayer dollars to bailout the financial industry – in order to pass a non-binding resolution to support Israels invasion of the Gaza strip. Only four Democrats and one Republican voted against the measure. There must have been something I missed, because I sure don’t remember any stampede of public outcry from the American people, demanding a rush to support Israels invasion – anymore than do I remember the American people demanding that congress immediately, and without accounting or oversight, give the financial industry a trillion dollars. The only conclusion that can be drawn between the two is that while the U.S. government believes it can spend its taxpayers money without explanation, sometimes it also feels the need to make a public spectacle over it in a vote of confidence. Because in the case of Israel, unlike the financial bailout, the people already know where the four billion, the one quarter of all foreign aid adding up to one hundred billion in aid since 1949 – goes – and that’s to all the aircraft, helicopter gunships, white phosphorus, cluster bombs, and other assorted munitions that are currently being used to kill hundreds of civilians in Gaza – in our name, as much as in Israels name.

Apparently, the government of the United States needs make no fuss with blowing a trillion dollars and keeping the people are in the dark about where it all goes, but finds it necessary to blare the trumpets loud when they think the people do know where the money goes, and might have other ideas about the wisdom of it all – of their tax money being spent to enforce another nations draconian occupation, that will produce nothing tangible, besides creating another thirty years of terrorism. And for this, they need a celebrated vote of confidence.

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