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Bernhard at the Moon of Alabama has a provocative post up about the effectiveness of Hamas in the current war on Gaza. If we take Clausewitz’s universal axiom of “war is politics by other means” seriously, then we can begin to access who might be achieving their political goals in the war on Gaza.

My take is that the Israeli security walls have unwittingly produced on the part of Hamas, a tactic that may prove strategic in spite of its evident tactical impotence. And may even suck the Israeli’s into eventual concessions that they evidently are unable to foresee at this time. This of course would be the infamous qassam rockets fired into Israel following the breakdown of the ceasefire. These glorified bottle rockets have proven themselves tactically to be almost laughable in their “kinetic” effectiveness as a military weapon. Yet they appear to have provoked Israel into a major military operation in the name of stopping them from being fired onto their territory.

The Israeli population, has been rabid (90% approval) in their support of this invasion of Gaza under the pretense of stopping the rocket attacks – coming as they do, after their failure in Lebanon in 2006 to stop the Hezbollah rocket attacks, must be feeling very paranoid about their long term viability. This is further  underlined by the ability of Hamas to overcome all their military superiority, at least symbolically (because of the evident ineffectiveness of the rockets tactically) by continuing to fire the rockets, regardless what they do to stop them.

In the current political moment in Israel, in front of national elections, their leaders have unwittingly seized upon the rocket paranoia growing in the population and have inflamed it as  a propaganda tool  to gain favor at the ballot box. They have chosen to one up each other in retaliation toward Hamas – which has snowballed into the rabid demand for the genocidal madness we now see in Gaza.

Hamas, for its part has no other way of bringing Israeli behavior (towards it) into the high court of world opinion except perhaps, to provoke into stark relief what is normally the usually invisible business as usual in the Israel occupied  territories. In Hamas’ ability to continue with the rocket fire they have suckered Israel into amplifying their regular behavior into a violent shriek that the rest of the world can no longer ignore. And has opened up the ugly pandora’s box of questionable association, complicity, graft, manipulation, and guilt upon the other countries and their relationship with Israel that otherwise would be kept under the carpet and glossed over as a matter of routine. Now that Israel has taken the bait and resorted to massive war crimes and genocide, the taint of responsibility and accessory has now crept into all the other governments associated with them, and are beginning to produce not only an accurate portrayal of how/who broke the ceasefire, but what perhaps is necessary to move forward toward an equatable settlement.

If Clausewitz is right about “war is politics by other means” Hamas, it would seem, has moved the ball much in their favor, and Israel is well on their way to another humiliating defeat. As in their attack on Lebanon, by their own hand.

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