man on the street

On a recent trip back to Southern Ohio, I met this fella on the street in a small and  very old river town named Gallipolis (in all probability where my French ancestors settled in far West Ohio circa 1790). Seeing my camera, he wanted me to take his picture, but didn’t understand that I couldn’t give him a copy right there on the spot. So I promised I’d publish it on my famous weblog (haha) and paid him a fin for the privilege. Didn’t catch his name, but for pushing a lawn mower around downtown in 98 degree heat, wearing 3 wristwatches, 2 pair of suspenders, and various other trinkets, crosses, and talismans, plus a necktie – he’s pretty hard to miss.

Hi Ho.



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  1. Maxcrat Says:

    Welcome back from summer break, Anna Missed.

    Did you get this fellow’s backstory?

    From a hurried glance, if you mentally white out the extra sartorial accouterments, he could pass for a local sheriff’s deputy or or cop if he just stood next to a cop car or some other official-looking prop.

    Gulf war vet?

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