illustration art in the 1920’s

Thought I’d follow up on the 20’s posts with some period examples of the lowly peoples art of illustration. Never mind that the illustration is usually considered something beneath the crowning heights of fine art, in spite of the fact that illustration in the 20’s not only paralleled developments in fine art but anticipated beforehand, many of the ideas and did so in a fashion more easily accessible and understood by the masses of the population. Its no wonder that this era of illustration is now thought of as the golden age of illustration, between as it were, the full realization of photography and the demands of a new emerging modern consumer culture.

Enjoy these:

Cole Phillips, Girl Reading, 1925

Marjory Woodbury, McCallum Sik Hosery, 1920

Herbert Paus, Popular Science, 1929

Jorge Darradas, ABC Magazine, 1921

F.X. Leyendecker, Life Magazine, 1922

Unknown artist, Garden Magazine,1924

Unknown artist, Vanity Fair, 1925

Cole Phillips, Life magazine, 1929

Unknown artist, A new Way of Living, 1929

Jorge Darradas, ABC Magazine, 1921

Herbert Paus, Popular Science, 1929

Maxfield Parrish, Grand Canyon of the Colorado, 1927

Unknown artist, perfume advertisement, 1920’s

Leon Benigini, 1920’s

Unknown artist, Vogue Magazine, 1920

2 Responses to “illustration art in the 1920’s”

  1. Maxcrat Says:

    These are great – very evocative. Remniscent of the psychadelic rock art of the 60’s and 70’s. Wes Wilson, Rick Griffin, Alton Kelly were perhaps inspired by the 20’s era illustrations and experiments…

    The Cole Phillips Life cover could have been a rock album cover or concert poster.

  2. JordanS Says:

    I wrote a thesis on “The Roarin 20’s” back in college. These pictures bring back memories, thanks for the post!

    -Jordan S.

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