white christmas, first in (a long) memory

photograph by mrs. anna missed of our little house

3 Responses to “white christmas, first in (a long) memory”

  1. jdp Says:

    Nice place. Michigan is snow covered with more coming. I have two feet in my yard.

  2. jdp Says:

    Oh, Merry Christmas. Its time for a little Captain Morgan.

  3. am Says:

    We live in a convergence zone, where if it’s cold enough (from the north) it drives out the moisture, and if the moisture wins it pushes the cold back up north. So in the winter, sea level elevations (seattle) make snow a rarity. And if it does snow it only lasts a day or two. This year everything got stuck and its been snowing like it usually rains – constantly – and has remained cold enough not to melt off.

    So of course nobody is prepared for it go on, and county snow removal services are way behind, coupled with seattles notoriously bad snow drivers, and with the usual holiday madness, has created a great big mess.

    To which I must confess, has been most enjoyable.

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