todays little rant

Digby , points out today that the Obama administration is considering a peace offering to that vile organization the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This, along with his appointment of the deficit reduction cat food commission, and his reluctance to axe the Bush tax cuts for the rich, make it abundantly clear where we’re all headed in this mad lemming like escapade. Carrying forth with what started way back when, with post Reagan Clinton’s economic deregulation, NAFTA, and GATT, and followed by the Bush tax cuts for the rich – all of which went on to create the great bubble illusion of prosperity. All of which of course then  predictably, crashed in an exact replicate of 1929. So then we all voted for Obama as a sure fire come FDR, but all we got instead was a Hoover, Coolidge, and Harding retread rolled up into a gigantic exploding cigar. What they all seem to be  banking  on (literally) is more deal with the devil corporatist economic policy and privatizing social security will be the last easy ox to gore, and as the last drop of wealth drags its wearry ass on up to Wall Street, the economy will probably exhale a tiny little fart of relief.

And the first black president of the United States will go on to exhalt victory, and the American dream will continue for another minute or so. At least until the great unwashed mass of  American somnambulist’s wake up some dreary morning only to finally  realize that freedom, equality, and prosperity Obama style, is nothing more than another step backward in America’s never ending long march back to feudalism and a Jim Crow share cropper’s vision of the future, only this time it’ll be for everybody.

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