a letter from lulu

Louise Brooks (from a candid portrait) – 2010, 7″ x 9″, spray paint on panel.

The following letter from (silent film era “it girl”) Louise Brooks (also known as Lulu) has come to my attention. It’s dated 1966 and marks the time when some were engaging in a reassessment of Brook’s career, as she had long since faded into obscurity. As the letter indicates, Louise Brooks was much more than a shallow but  pretty starlet face or or for that matter, a rebel without a cause. She was  astutely aware of the people and things that were swirling around her and was able to put them into a proper social and political context – a context that she, in the end, was to her credit, unwilling to grovel at the foot of.

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  1. Maxcrat Says:

    Wow – A.M. This letter is amazing, impressive, and au courant -sad to say. And your illumination of Louise Brooks and other “flappers” is entertaining and enlightening. I admire your wide-ranging imagination, talent and interests – – – so please keep on keeping on!

  2. a.m. Says:

    Thanks, Brooks was also extremely well read, and as the letter illustrates, a damn good writer as well.

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