kids say the darndest things

Here’s high school journalist Kieth Wagner interviewing  Arizona State Senator (and candidate for AZ State Superintendent of Public Instruction) John Huppenthal, about the legislatures recent vote to cut career and technical education funding by 99.9%

Obviously this child doesn’t have a clue about journalism or how journalism works in America. It’s probably a lucky thing that this happened to him when it could still be written off as a “youthful indiscretion”, because it’s no doubt already killed off any real chances later in life for a career in journalism. Because as it stands, this boy has flagrantly and capriciously tarnished the reputation of a serious adult statesman, right  in his own high office with the publicity seeking “gottcha” cameras rolling, no less”. I don’t know where he could have gotten such a crazy idea, unless maybe he saw Helen Thomas on TeeVee badgering the president about some insignificant detail about how to win the War On Terror.

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  1. Maxcrat Says:

    Brilliant! Gives me a tiny shard of hope for the future….

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