a worthy gods selective judgement

This monumental six story $700,000 creation at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe Ohio:


Was destroyed by a lightning strike last night:

This photo was taken by Tiffani West-May, of Fairborn, who was on  her way home from Cincinnati on Monday June 14, 2010.  The photo was  shot at 11:20 p.m. The large Jesus statue, iconic to I-75, was destroyed  following an apparent lightning strike during a thunderstorm late  Monday night.
Leaving only this:
No one was injured in the blaze and fire officials said they  expect to have a damage estimate later this morning.
The church itself was spared, suffering only smoke damage.
I remember seeing reports of this monstrosity  several years ago when it was erected, and thinking it could well be the ultimate high watermark for religious kitsch. Apparently, God agrees.
But, knowing the faithful, they’ll start work tomorrow on making another, and most likely an even bigger, one.
This is about the only reassuring news I’ve seen lately.

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  1. noiseannoys Says:

    they say that god moves in mysterious ways…might have to think about this a bit more…once i stop laughing

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