nikki haley, manizer?

Josh Marshall is coining a new neologism,  “manizer” as a means to describe whats happening to South Carolina Republican Nikki Haley in her run for governor. So far, it seems that several Republican operatives have come out publicly, claiming that they personally, have had sexual affairs with Ms Haley. While this is a common method of ritual defamation – especially of political figures, to be then publicly flogged as a “womanizer”. Usually this is a right wing means to attack the left on moral grounds, but what makes this case especially interesting is that it’s  Republican floggers on Republican flogged sort of affair.

While it makes a certain amount of linguistic sense to legitimize the neologism as simply reversing the gender of “womanize” around to “manize”, in  order to define the new circumstance. But, in this case I have to wonder whether the circumstance itself trumps a simple reversal because it is itself so unique – a series of married, male, and known Republican operatives volunteering confessions of having a sexual affair, without, I may add any sense of being in any way, victimized by the affair. Which is not so far off from a bunch of boys (in the same click) in the high school bathroom inventing sexual encounters in order to ruin some girls reputation in order to banish her from the click. It’s the internal character of this that might have the ability to alter the coinage of the term to mean a manner of infighting, since the players are within the same group as opposed to opposite parties.

Unless of course,  Nikki Haley could be defined as not being a real part of the same group, but as a member of another alien group posing as a member of the group. Like if she were really something like, I dunno, a “fucking raghead” or something. Then sure, the “manizer” label, like the “womanizer” label fits just fine.

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