contrast gainer, the primaries

This ones from Billmons old Whiskey Bar, passed to him from the advertising business, but probably originated in the Saul Bellow quote; “But one of them will become what (Saul Bellow) calls the “contrast gainer.” No matter how flawed, uninteresting, and unattractive a couple is, one half of the pair always makes the other look better.”

While this is an old and obvious advertising ploy based on the brand X principal comparison, the recent primary results for both parties are shaping up to be a very positive (at least in the short run) exercise in front of the fall midterm elections. So far on the Democratic senate races, upstart Sestak has beaten Republican anointed Democrat favored Arlin Spector in PA, In KY Jack Conway has defeated Mongiardo, and in AK bluenose Blanch Lincoln has failed to get 50% majority against newbe Halter and so forcing another runoff. On the Republican side,Teabag favorite Rand Paul has won in another slap against the old GOP. What we are seeing is that both parties are feeling the pinch of anti-incumbent anti- establishment candidates that are having the net effect of driving¬† party affiliations further to the left and further to the right simultaneously. This is all good, in spite of how the DC villagers might want to spin the fake lack of bipartisanship as a descent into inky chaos. Because what it really means is that just maybe, the contrast between the two root ideologies might finally evolve into¬† clear enough distinctions that choices between the two become stark enough to even wake up, air raid alarm clock style, the soporific masses from their slumber. And the contrasts couldn’t be clearer in troubled times, do we choose the egalitarian left with real policies that offer rational tested solutions, or do we choose the irrational remnants of hysterical hyper-media teabag posturing for a past that never existed. What future would you choose?

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  1. Maxcrat Says:

    Ah, Anna Missed….I remember that Billmon post. Seems like 20 years ago now. Great use of the concept.

    And even though I rarely comment, I read you almost daily and really appreciate (and am impressed and astonished by) your wonderful stream of thought-provoking and insightful posts this spring.

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