malicious compliance

Got this one from John Cole at Balloon Juice today – and come to think of it ballon juice itself might apply.

From Wikipedia

Malicious compliance is the behavior of a person who intentionally inflicts harm by strictly following the orders of management or following legal compulsions, knowing that compliance with the orders will cause a loss of some form resulting in damage to the manager’s business or reputation, or a loss to an employee or subordinate. In effect, it is a form of sabotage used to harm leadership or used by leadership to harm subordinates.[1]

Work-to-rule is the expression of malicious compliance as an industrial action, in which rules are deliberately followed to the letter in an attempt to reduce employee productivity.

As someone in the comments points out, watch how the police force in Arizona enforces the new law, for an example of how malicious compliance might work – seeing that the chiefs don’t like the law, but the local officers do.

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