dead silence

Bernhard at the Moon of Alabama takes note of the ordered shift in news delivery policy in Afghanistan. The NATO agencies that deliver news from Afghanistan are now ordered to officially merge with  military “Psy-Ops” operations. Thats the military’s psychological/propaganda arm that fabricates information in the service of military goals. From this moment forward, any and all news coming from military sources in Afghanistan is to be considered prima-faciea bullshit. Not that it wasn’t that beforehand, but now its officially on the record as such.

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  1. Bob W. Says:

    I saw your post on the PSYOP merger thing: I wrote a little bit about this issue here.

    Military Deception and Propaganda are Psychological Operations units’ missions; they also do much more, and the aforementioned missions have little value in a counterinusrgency operation, anyway.

    Today there was a report that everything was worked out at Nato ISAF, and that this PSYOP/Public Affairs thing is no longer an issue, FYI.

  2. am Says:

    For the most part I agree with your reader Wilsonrodfishing who said:

    I agree about your point on the credibility issue, which is why I believe that (especially in a counterinsurgency campaign) truth is your only real option. If Nato ISAF ever issues a press release that is proved false, then it will lose credibility, and it is probably impossible to recover.

    Military Deception is, for the most part, of value for a limited amount of time for a certain operation, and more applicable to a conventional war. Using deception at this stage in OEF is more a gamble than a calculated risk, since the command would almost certainly lose credibility after the fact. Not a good enough reason to stick to cold war legacy stovepipes, which inhibit the military’s ability to fight in the information age.

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