“i beg you to pray for clarity on my part”

“We in the lead found ourselves with a following inspired in many ways beyond our understanding, with beliefs and purposes which they themselves only vaguely understood and could not express, but for the fulfillment of which they depended on us. We found ourselves, too, at the head of an army with an unguessable influence to produce results for which the responsibility would rest on us — the leaders — but which we had not foreseen and for which we were not prepared. As the solemn responsibility to give right leadership to these millions, and to make right use of this influence, was brought home to us, we were compelled to analyze, put into definite words, and give purpose to these half conscious impulses.”

Quote by Imperial Wizard Hiram Wesley Evans in 1926.

Here’s Glenn Beck struggling with the same general theme:

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  1. cjp Says:

    I can’t believe this guy made $32 million last year talking complete nonsense

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