disappearing act, like money like people

friday  at 5:00 in the afternoon, on a hot summer day in my (former home) small town ohio

the other side of the street

disappearing detroit #1

disappearing detroit #2

3 Responses to “disappearing act, like money like people”

  1. annie Says:

    the disappearing detroit #2 link brought me some comfort. nature has a way of washing all the filth away eventually. some of those photos are very beautiful for their green lush quality. the wildflowers..

  2. jdp Says:

    I’ve said these areas need to be re-planted with trees. Or turned back into farm fields. But with all the infrastructure such as storm drain, water and sewer trees fit better.

  3. euclidcreek Says:

    With all the news about financial collapse, the media invariably runs a picture of someone on the trading floor of an exchange holding their head in despair. Your photos of a deserted small town on Friday pm, and the Detroit blog, speak a larger truth. thanks

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