the obama recession

In the political equivalency post I questioned the moral and patriotic pass the wealthy are given when it comes to the economy. That they assume no duty or responsibility whatsoever to country when it comes to the when and where of their potential investments – even if, as is now the case, the country is suffering from a fallout of investment, that can be considered (as John McCain declared) an important matter of national security. Media Matters has now taken note of how this issue has taken a new twist among the right wing talkers, who are now blaming Barack Obama for the climate of dis-investment, and labeling the current economic crisis “the Obama recession”.

Setting aside the totally absurd factual reality of this assertion, along with its sources – who’s main task in life seems to be spinning patently ridiculous fabrications in order to snowball the rube wingnut population into volunteering themselves to a life of squalor, so the rich get richer, and thinking of it somehow, as duty to country – the narrative is now picking up enough speed to be noticeable, if not dangerous.

Ironically, and in keeping with the veterans theme of the previous post, this new narrative can be seen as an evolution of the “support the troops” rubric so popular throughout the Iraq war. That it was our duty to support the troops in whatever ( possibly horrific) duty the civilian government tasked upon them. And following, became at least Un-American, if not actual aid to the enemy, to question the methods and wisdom of the policy itself.

By calling the current economic collapse the Obama recession, they are not only removing any responsibility from the wealthy for either creating the crisis or coming up with a solution to it, and transposing it on to Obama’s presumed policies. Which in their view are Un-American, because they advocate increasing the tax burden on the rich. The central implication of which is, that the rich, and all their unquestionable cart-blanc machinations are synonymous with what America is. And anything that questions their wisdom and authority is Un-American. Especially Barack Obama who created the Un-American recession, simply by thinking it.

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  1. Monolycus Says:

    Well, I don’t, frankly, see any difference between this behaviour of blame shifting and every other instance of blame shifting which has occured every time the US Presidency has changed hands to the “other” party during my lifetime. Eight years into the Bush administration and (until Obama was selected) I was STILL hearing absolutions from the right about how the crappy economy was the direct result of the policies of the Clinton administration. Whoever originally came up with the duopolistic system was an absolute and unmitigated genius. It guarantees that nobody until the end of time will ever have a full and fair accounting for their policies.

    And it makes a great spectacle for the tribalists.

    Of course it is too early to objectively weigh Obama policies, but when the team you are rooting for loses the Superbowl, you blame the refs or the dirty tactics used by opposition. You never, never, never suggest that maybe your own guys did anything but play superbly. It is completely natural and the absurdity of it all only becomes apparent to those, like me, who despise organized sports altogether. If you’re a Republican, the Dems fumbled the ball. If you’re a Democrat, the Repubs fumbled the ball. If you’re an Independent, you get to yell yourself hoarse and dream about “if onlys” while standing in the bleachers. Balls are fumbled, and everybody’s happy. It’s just a big damned game.

    You are right to suggest that it defies logic to blame the current recession on policies that have not coalesced into reality yet, but that’s how the fans roll. That’s how they’ve rolled as long as I’ve been around. Looking at the lineup the new coach has picked for the coming season, it doesn’t look like anything will be any different this time around, either. Make your peace with it.

  2. am Says:

    I agree the new lineup looks less than inspiring, although not as bad as it could. I suppose it’s to be expected that after being relegated to the barn for the last several rotations, the dems would go about constructing the most ironclad Democratic (with a big D) administration possible, which has to pay heed to the Clinton regime. Even going so far to as to keep Lieberman on an organ grinder leash (hopefully dressed in a red tunic and cap) for the extra vote.

    Not sure how long it will take them to find out just how inadequate this will be to meet the challenges ahead, but my guess it won’t take long – and maybe then if it’s a rapid disintegration, the possibility for more parties will emerge in a big(ger) way.

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