olympic highlights

Okay, so I’m not much of a sports person. Off hand I couldn’t tell you who won last years super bowl, or who were the American League or NBA  champs. Except, when it comes to the Olympic Games, when for some reason I manage to watch every possible minute. I guess I just like individual world class athletes from all the different countries competing with each other on the same level field. A few of the highlights for me were, by person:

Virtue and Moir for winning ice dancing gold, by rejecting affectation and ridiculous costumes, in favor of a modesty synchronized in romantic elegant perfection.

Kim Yu-Na for the best figure skating performance I’ve ever seen.

Joannie Rochette for the best figure skating performance of her career, under the worst possible circumstances in her career.

Mao Asada for skating last behind the previous two incredible examples, and holding on to her own.

Bode Miller for managing to temper his notorious abandon with maturity, and finally realize his potential.

Shani Davis for being his own man, in both winning and not.

Lindsey Vonn for overcoming injury with grace and putting up with all the panting media attention.

Shawn White for inventing his sport as he participates in it.

Katherine Reutter for rising to the occasion with ever promising tenacity, even when nobody seems to notice.

The U.S. 4 man bobsled team for finally winning this one.

Bill Demng for doing the same as above in Nordic combined.

Canadian and American teams for showing us more or less equal results expected for players all picked from the NHL. Good match up, but more like getting excited about “The All Star Game” in baseball.

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