Here again, and it couldn’t be more clear, the republicans are not adverse to bailouts, and when it comes to the financial industry they don’t even bother making stipulations. But when it comes to the auto industry, an industry that employs millions in the actual production of wealth, they’re willing to take the entire economy hostage in order to emphasize a point. A rather fantastic point at that, considering that they’re demonstrating a willingness to crash the economy in order to (in their minds) save the economy, from the blight of unionization. If that sounds familiar, it should because its the same vicious circle reasoning that brought us destroying the village in order to save it, and we know how well that has all worked out.


I should probably point out that I think this whole temper tantrum by the republicans is mostly theater, in the sense they already most certainly know Bush will divert money from the TARP to save the industry. This way they maintain the high honor prestige of sticking to principal over all else – to the point of threatening to pull off a Jim Jones thing on the whole nation. Of course, as usual, they’ll be the ones pouring the Kool-Aid, or dropping the bombs, depending on the metaphor.